How do i find out what is causing my baby’s hives?

My 12 month old son has hives. I am not sure what causes it. They seem to come and go throughout the day. He seems worse when he wakes up from a nap in his crib but there hasn’t been any changes to anything in his bed or any changes in soaps used to wash them. I changed his sheet just in case but it didnt make a difference.

I have recently changed him to an older baby formula, in the same parents choice (walmart brand) formula, that he has always had, but he has been on that for over a week and the hives just started yesterday.

Yesterday I gave him some finger foods that he never had before and I gave the cat a flea treatment. I didnt give him the finger foods today just in case, but hes still breaking out. I am fairly certain he didnt touch the cat though as the cat usually stays away from him. I also used a different brand of diapers, but the hives seem to be all over his body, and face, and not particularly in the diaper area though sometimes they are. Does anyone have any ideas? I cant tell if its exposure to the diapers or what since they seem to be coming and going constantly and im at a loss of how to figure it out. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, or any information on babys with hives that could be helpful id appreciate it.
he hasnt had any vaccinations lately, because he had the (regular not swine) flu a couple weeks ago and still has a cough. I was waiting til he got better.

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  • Elizabeth

    Take him to your family Doctor.

  • Sourkandy19

    Figuring out what the allergy is, is just going to take the process of ellimation. Day by day, change something, however, hives from allergies can last several days. My bet would probably be on the new foods. Also, your son is 12 months….did he recently receive his 12 month old vaccines (DTP, MMR, Varivax, prevnar)?? Dpt and Prevnar are given when they are babies, but the first time they receive MMR and the chicken pox vaccine is at 12 months and there could be an allergy to these. If the hives haven’t subsided within 3 days from the start I would recommend a visit to the pediatrician to make sure something else isn’t going on.

  • She is my Sunshine

    Stop everything new, you can get hives and they can last a few days or even weeks. They can also take a while to develop. I would go back to the old formula and stop whatever the new foods were.

    Give it a few days and once they are gone go ahead and try and re introduce the formula or whole milk, give that at least a week before anything else new.

    Do still call the MD to let them know what is going on. They may have more info.

  • Willow O

    i would suspect 1st the new finger foods, look at the package and see what ingredants it has and what perservitives and write them down, later when the hives go away youll want to try each of theose ingredants back to the child 1 at a time, to see if he has a allergic reaction… i could be as simple as cooked in peanut oil or red dye 4,

    another issues is the chimical you put on the cat, give your son a bath preferbly with running water not standing water, and use NO soap, just run water over and over on him, mix up a big bowl of plain oatmeal and when its cool smear it on him in the tub, let it sit for a minute or 2 the wash off using just water…. be sure to enclose the cat away from him for a good 48hours in a another room…
    the water and oatmeal bath will help him and will get rid of any lingering chimicals onhim that there might be from the flea treatment

    those are the 2 BIG triggers i see in you life that may have caused the hives

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