How do I make hives go away ?

My daughter has had hives on and off for about 3 weeks. She was on steroids for one week and benedryl for 2. She is still getting them every now and then but she is also complaining of her hands , feet and lips of hurting and swelling …what should I do??

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  • Vampire V

    she need to hv good and complete treatment with taking antihistamines reguralry

  • Jolly

    Stop and think if there’s been any changes in your household…..different foods, skin conditioner, laundry soaps, etc. For instance, the detergent “GAIN” has enzymes in it, and in some cases can cause hives in some people who have that reaction to the enzymes. As far as making the hives go away, I think you have to take your daughter to an allergist to have her tested for possible allergic reactions. Good luck.

  • Jenn

    as one whom has lived with severe allergies .. and she is as swoolen as she is why didn’t the dr recommend an allergy panel?? she sounds like she may be ingesting it as far as drink food ….soaps wool these are common ..additives dyes in juice?? you need to find the cause ..asap her body can go into shock from the allergies…and you need to know for later in her life just think if it was you or your husband would you go to an allergist ?? p.s. her lips hands and feet and most likely her eyes are SWELLING and it’s painful…….

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