I am 21 years old and was diagnosed with shingles and I have some questions…?

I have shingles on my upper back, chest and under arm. My doctor didn’t take the time to answer any of my questions, she actually said it was pretty impossible for me to be 21 and healthy and get shingles. But, she prescribed me Valtrex anyway. So there are a couple of questions I have. It seems that the Valtrex isn’t working at all (this is my third day of taking it). The shingles haven’t spread anywhere else, yet there is a greater amount of shingles in the areas I listed above. Shouldn’t the meds be preventing the spread completely? Also I had an outbreak of hives (much different than the shingles) two weeks ago due to a diagnosis of chronic mono. Isn’t it pretty much impossible for the medication to be working against mono in the first place? I do know that I have shingles based on the pain and sight of them. I’m taking my prescription correctly and trying to get rest and lay off the stress, which is hard for a college student.I need help trying to figure out why I’ve had outbreaks

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  • Emily B

    It’s very possible for you to get shingles! I’ve seen perfectly healthy girls who are only, say, sixteen with shingles! And if you have mono, and your resistance is down, and you’re stressed, it’s extremely likely. I’m sorry to say this, but something is wrong with your doctor. I would have given you a cortisone shot for the itching. Other than that, you just have to kind of wait it out. Try a nearby walk in clinic or something if you have one. They should give you a shot of cortisone for it.

  • Tim W

    The medicine takes awhile. Try drinking bottled water.

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