I need help figuring out why my daughter keeps breaking out in hives and how to help keep them under control.?

My daughter will be 7 months old on Saturday. She has what I believe to be chronic hives. She is going next month for her skin test. At this point the only thing that she can eat without getting sick is applesauce, pears and cereal. We switched from breast milk to formula about a month and a half ago. She breaks out really bad if I put her on our carpet. The hives in her diaper area will not go away. She is on Zyrtec every night and I really don’t see any improvement. I have been back and forth to the doctors who seem to have no idea what is going on. I am trying to find a balance between being an advocate for my child without letting these problems take over our lives. Most of the time she is a happy little girl. She is crawling around and playing and just a great kid to be around. Other days she is miserable. She cries all day and wont let go of me. On those days it seems as though nothing will sooth her. My husband is currently deployed and I am reaching the end of my rope. I’m not sure what to do anymore. Nothing seems to keep the problem under control or help when things get really bad. I have tried almost every topical cream under the sun. I use hypoallergenic everything. She has special soap and lotion. The fungal cream I was given when the doctors thought she had a yeast infection made the problem worse. I guess I am looking for a little mom to mom advice from someone who may have gone through something similar.

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  • redjan

    She may be allergic to the formula or maybe it is dust mites. It is really hard to tell without her going through allergy testing. She could also be allergic to the plastics used in the carpets and diapers. Are you using a free and clear laundry detergent like Dreft? She could be allergic to perfumes and dyes in laundry detergent.

    Please hang in there. Benadryl should also help with itchiness and will also help her sleep until this gets figured out.

  • Princess Cherbs

    I have a friend who has a boy that is allergic to EVERYTHING.
    I can tell you it will get better once your daughter gets older.

    Have you switched formulas? Also, have you thought about just stopping formula, and trying say, goats milk? I know a few people who have used this as opposed to soy/or anything with lactose in it.

    This might sound funny, but why use soap or lotion? I rarely use bathsoap on my son, and even more rare lotion. And he doesnt have skin issues.

    I watched a TV show once, where there was this lady from Africa, and they use olive oil on their kids, rather than bathing often, or using anything else. If I was in your place right now, I would be trying more natural remedies.

    Good luck. My friend went through this period of hell as well, but once they got her sons allergies under control, life was much easier.

  • Live and Learn

    When my daughter was 6mo, she started breaking out in hives. After many doctor visits, the allergist said she had an intolerance to food and to formula. He didn’t know if it was the preservatives or what, but he told me to stop feeding her all together and to buy her the formula for sensitive babies. He told me not to feed her food, unless it was fresh/organic, until she was 9mo old. It worked. She did OK with the sensitive formula and we just didn’t give her anything to eat unless I made it fresh. It was a huge pain in the butt, but when she was 9mo we tried baby food again and she did fine with it. She has been fine since. The doctor said that some babies bodies just are ready for food and all the crap they put in it until they are a little older. She is 4 now and has no intolerance or allergies to anything.
    Maybe something like this is true with your daughter.

    If you can get your hands on this, it works great. My MIL brings it to us from Ecuador. It is like a miracle cream, rash will be gone within an hour or two.

  • BraxOwl

    Hypo-allergenic items do not mean your child will not have a reaction to them. It means that they do not contain the more commonly known allergens.

    If she breaks out in hives when on the carpet, she could be allergic to the carpet itself (maybe even a chemical used when manufacturing the carpet). She could be allergic to the cleaner you used a year ago.

    It can be impossible to diagnose what the problem is. It may be a product you have used for a long time, but it is now “new and improved”. It might not be any one thing, but the reaction of two things combined.

    My daughter broke out in hives one evening when she was an infant, in the bathtub. They lasted an hour or so and went away. At five, she had an outbreak that lasted for days, coming and going. Around 8, she had a case that lasted for JUST under six weeks (when they class it as chronic). We are still not sure what caused them.

    An initial blood allergy test at 5 suggested dust only. The skin test indicated a weed and possibly white potato, but white potato often is a false positive they told me. Since she regularly eats potato products, we think that was the case with her.

    Benadryl- the kind you put on the skin- is NOT good for hives. Our pediatrician and our allergy specialist both told us it can exacerbate the issue.

    I would keep a diary. Detail EVERYTHING she consumes, EVERYTHING she does. Notate when the hives seem to appear, and see if you can notice a pattern. Present the diary to the doctor- s/he might notice a pattern that you miss. Note brand, and EVERYTHING- whether it is this scent or that scent..

    Also, know that something she consumes today could not have a reaction for several days- it is not always immediate. I would eliminate EVERYTHING and then slowly introduce one thing at a time, waiting four days before you introduce something else. Say she eats apples today, I would introduce bananas on Monday. On Friday, I would introduce carrots, but if she ended with a reaction on Friday or Saturday, it might not be the carrots- it could likely be the bananas (all as an example).

    Two of my children (not the daughter with the hives issue) have been sensitive to ALL Johnson & Johnson washes. I could/can only use Dove bar soap on them (which is fine, because I love the way it smells).

    My younger daughter broke out in hives once- much more severe than her older sisters first reaction. She was about 2 at the time, and they were all over her arm. The only thing new she had had at the time was some sliced apples we had bought in single serve packages at the store, to give as a snack at the baseball field. She has had them since and not broken out in hives, so I assume it was something she came across elsewhere.

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