Is having menstrual like cramps at 30 weeks pregnant normal?

This afternoon i started noticing cramps. They felt just like it feels when your right about to get your period. They came and went throughout all day today. They are not really painful, i can ignore them and go about my day but they are noticeable.

Also for the past month i have been experiencing EXTREME all over body itching. Once i start itching i get little hives all over the area. I have scars and scabs all over my arms and legs from my inability to stop itching. This was brought up at my last dr.s apt and he put me on a steriod creme but did not give me a diagnosis. btw the creme did NOT work at all and have tried pretty much everything and have given up. (im not sure if this is an issue that may contribute to to my cramps and/or early labor)
I am having lower back pain and hip pain as well.

Im pretty sure my itching is PUPPPS. i looked up pictures and it looks like just what i have.
*thats why i gave up on meds. I read that theres nothing you can do and itll stop once the baby is born. Unfortunatly i have only gotten 4 hours a sleep if im lucky and my fiance has moved out of the bedroom because he cant fall asleep with me itching all night long

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  • A Pregnant!! Christian

    Yep, cramps happen. I’ve had them on and off all through this pregnancy. If they are off to the side, close to your pelvic bones, then it may actually be round ligament pain.

    If your uterus feels extra firm and hard during the cramps, then they are contractions. It’s normal to start getting some at your stage but I’d mention it to my doctor anyways.

  • lisamarie1024

    The cramps are only going to get worse the closer you get to your due date, they are very normal. The itching is your skin stretching, just wait hun it is only going to get much much worse! The only thing that worked for my itcy skin is actually burn cream.

  • Due in December

    I had the same thing start around 30 weeks. If the feeling isn’t severe and stays around your “front” area, you’re probably okay, and it is just braxton-hicks or your uterus stretching.

    Make sure to mention it to your Dr though – also, if you start feeling menstrual like cramping in your lower back, pay attention to when you’re feeling it and call your Dr. This can be a sign of early labor.

    I don’t think that the itching is connected to the cramps or early labor. Unfortunately, some women experience a lot of itchiness while pregnant. This goes away once the baby is born, but there sometimes isn’t anything you can do to “cure” it while preggers – just treat it.

    If it were me, I’d be going to the Doc tomorrow and demanding a new topical cream.

  • Rhiannon F

    Okay—The cramps could just be some braxton hicks contractions. I get those all the time. Just your baby’s way of warming you up for the real deal. Totally normal. Either that, or you just need to have a good BM. my baby’s head is really low and sometimes presses on that area of me and it causes a cramping sensation, (for me anyway).

    The itching. Also normal–unfortunately. Try to use the steroid cream cause after repeated use, it will help. Maybe try Calamine lotion (don’t think I spelled it right) It is just from your skin stretching out, most of us will get it at least for a time. I have had hives for most of my pregnancy, just due to increased sensitivity to everything. It could also be what they call PUPS. You should look that one up on the net. From what I have heard it is pretty harmless, but very annoying.
    Good luck and I hope that everything starts to get a little easier for you.

  • Komplete Kaos

    the contractions you are having are called “braxton hicks” contractions and they are certainly very normal. You will find that you will get them more when you are more active than resting… however if these become frequent and very painful i would contact you OB or your Dr… as far as your itching goes have you changed anything in your diet or washing detergent… funny things happen when you are pregnant that there are simply either no answer to or cannot be helped… but i do not think this has any connection to your cramping

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