My 7 year old daughter has broken out in hives on her arms and legs.?

This is the second time this has happened in the last 2 months or so. I took her to the doctors the last time and she really didn’t know what the problem was either. I just gave her benedryl for a couple of days and eventually they went away. The itched her really bad the last time. This time she says they don’t itch at all. She doesn’t seem to be sick. I noticed them on her legs yesterday. I’ve been giving her benedryl since yesterday. It has spread to her arms and feet now. She wasn’t outside and hasn’t had anything new that I can think of. I am baffled. Would appreciate any input or advice.

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  • Huggin

    She may be allergic to your laundry soap or your bathroom soap.

    Sounds like some allergic reaction to me

  • dudeyouneedtochillax

    Most likely an allergic reaction. I have HORRIBLE skin problems and have hives all the time. Many reasons is soap, detergents, and perfumes, body-sprays, or lotions

    i have eczema that ive had since i was little, and it gives you hives everywhere from over bathing and showering. You may want to switch laundry detergent and see if it changes things. Or see if she has a similar skin problem to mine.
    be sure it isnt giving her a sore throat as it may be spreading to her throat which could be a servere allergic reaction to food or something she ingested.

    hope this helps

  • Iwalkeverywhere

    Hives are caused by allergy so she was exposed to something that she is highly allergic to. You need to figure out what she is so allergic to and keep her away from it.

  • techman

    There are so many things that can cause these hives that you really need to read sites like this to begin the process of finding what is causing them
    Plenty of pure water to flush the system is important. Also the fact that it has gone to the extremities shows that its something being carried in the blood stream. That begins to look like a food. Eggs, chocolate and cheese are usual ones. Stronger veges like brassicas can do it in children. Reaction to substances in like chewing and bubble gum and other chemicals have to be taken into account.
    Some countries allow the sale on antihistamine creams that stop the itch very quickly. For a ntural way. get some teabags of roibos (south african for red bush, also known as rosella. ) have a nice tea then use the bag to wipe over the affected areas,stops most itches immediately.

  • CrystalClear

    If you live in the US your daughter could have come in contact with a plant named “Poison Ivy”. Contact with that plant can cause long-lasting skin rashes. Products applied that contain zinc help it, but it is a long-lasting healing process.
    She could also be sensitive to the sun, if she has been given medication which causes photosensitivety.
    Another factor could be a sunscreen that has something in it she is allergic to.
    Have you used new lotions, soaps etc?
    The fact that she only has it on the arms and the legs suggests a contact-allergy.
    In any case – get a second opinion of a doctor who specializes in dermatology and allergy matters.

  • cowboydoc

    She could be stressed, look into it and see what’s bothing her.

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